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Product Design
3D Motion Design


Dec 2021


Base: L 43" X W 5" X H 18"
Table top: L 48" X W 24"
Cap: L 5" X W 5" X H 1"

01 - 05

Aara Type.png

Rhinoceros 3D
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator



UV Bonded Glass
Brush Finished Concrete

More Info

Based upon the emotional transition of loss and healing and its non-linear nature, the aim was to create an atmosphere that allows one to go through the unexpected path of loss within daily life. By using the cyclical process of the sun's path, This sculptural coffee table was designed to promote healthy grieving on a subconscious level by allowing the user to be familiar and come face to face with such a process.
Aara creates a spatial experience within a private environment by transforming the surroundings when interacting with light. 


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